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DIY face masks for winter

Winter is that time of the year, when our bodies deal with shock. If you’re living in an area where is really cold, you have to notice that during cold period your hair and skin get’s really dry. Of course usually cold lasts only a couple of months, but we all want to be fully prepared for spring. These days in drugstores we can find enormous amounts of different face masks which claim to work perfectly. Despite that, we would like to offer a few DIY masks for winter. You can make these at home and benefit from all natural ingredients.


For dry skin

AVOCADOMash a fresh avocado with a fork and add some extra virgin olive oil. Mix it until you get even and desired mixture. Apply it on a clean and dry face and leave for 15 minutes. After that rinse with a warm water and use your moisturizer. You will get best results if using it at night so try it and make it a habit. This diy mask will nourish your skin and help dealing with dryness. It provides vitamins and antioxidants, so your skin will definitely benefit from that.


For oily skin

eggThis mask works wonders not only for oily skin but also for people who are dealing with large pores. This stuff is not cute so here is the way to make it go away. Beat the egg white until it’s color is white as in the picture above. Put a thin layer of this mixture on your clean face and let it sit there for about half an hour. After that – rinse with a warm water. This DIY mask will create a natural barer between your skin and cold or wind. It will help you to take care of your face through the winter.


For combination skinbanana


Banana mask is just perfect for those who have combination skin and might be suffering from winter elements. The only thing you need to do for preparation is smash banana and mix it with sweet cream. Then apply this mixture on your clean face and let it work it’s magic. After half an hour rinse it off and discover the results. Your face will be a lot smoother, nourished and moisturized.

Try these masks at home and let us know which one of them works the best for your skin!

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