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How to stop Windows 10 Update (FIX)

Sometimes it is very annoying to get Windows 10 update notification. So in this article we will guide you through How to stop windows 10 update. Turning off windows 10 update could be very reliable and can give you rest from pop up window of windows 10 update. You can fix Windows 10 update feature in very easy steps which we have mentioned below.

Follow the steps below How to Stop Windows 10 Update, but if your Windows already Update to Windows 10, try this: Uninstall Windows 10 to Back Windows 7 or Windows 8.1


How to Stop Windows 10 Update (step 1)

  •     Press Windows key + Pause/Break from the Desktop.
  •     Click on the Advanced system settings from the left pane.
  •     Click on Hardware tab and click on Device Installation Settings.
  •     Check mark on the No, Let me choose what to do option.
  •     Check mark on the Never install driver software from Windows update option.
  •     Check on Save Changes.

How to Stop Windows 10 Update (step 2). But I don’t recommend this. If step 1 doesn’t work then only follow this.

  •     Press Windows + R
  •     Type services.msc and hit Enter
  •     Find Windows Update service
  •     Right click and Properties
  •     Change Automatic to Manual
  •     Then stop service

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