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Cute Ideas for Repurposing Wine Corks

Upcycled DIYs — the kind that require only shopping your home for the best materials — are some of the most satisfying to put together. They’re clever, eco-friendly, and help bring a handmade touch to your decor.

So we love these fun ideas for reusing wine corks (which look pretty and rustic even if they’re stained with merlot), demonstrated by Janell-Inez, also known as the Handy Ma’am. Watch her (and her precocious daughter) find a use for these party leftovers all over the house. Don’t imbibe often enough to finish a project? Pick up a bag of corks at a crafts store instead, to get the vineyard look.

Create a wreath with wine corks.


Use wine corks as vase fillers with candles or flowers.


Use wine corks to make place card holders.


Create a bulletin board with wine corks.


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