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DIY room decor ideas

Personal space is very important for each and everyone of us. We need this space to be alone and with our thoughts. Only this can encourage our creativity and set positive energy. Everyone has a room that they spend the most time. It might be your bedroom, office or any other room. If you’re tired of those plane walls and furniture that has no character, we will show you a few DIYs that will help you to decorate the room. So here a few projects you might want to try:

JARS – cheap and stylish way to decorate


Old mason jars are the thing that everyone has at home. It’s something that doesn’t need any investment and with a little creativity you can achieve so much! In the picture above you can see how to different spray paint can create a make up brush holder that looks just amazing. Mason jars can be used for many more purposes, like candle holder, place to store your make up and other things. You can use not only spray paint but also glitter, paper or other materials, because texture creates perfect designs.

Flower arrangements – everywhere

fake_flowersThis is another great example, that proves – style and interior don’t need much money. Everyone loves flowers, but to be honest, purchasing them every two days would be kind of expensive. In summer you can bring home flowers from your garden, but in the winter everything gets just more complicated. To avoid that you can always buy fake flowers and arrange then just how you like it. Put them in a vase or even a mason jar and this accent will look amazing in your living room, office or elsewhere.

Personalize with photos

photosPhotos are a great way to personalize your space. You van use picture frames or even hang them alone on the wall (or you can even decorate with old and empty picture frames. Spray paint them and hang different shapes on the wall – it will look amazing). Either way it will look amazing. Share most memorable moments of your life and don’t ever forget them. These little things in decor will make you feel at home and always welcome.

These are only a few suggestions, how to decorate your room and make some DIYs. Try them out and let us know how your special room turned out!

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