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How to make a yarn pom poms

yarn pom poms

Hi guys! Here‘s another video and this one on how to make a yarn pom poms! These are just perfect for decorating, so if you like new ideas – this one‘s for you.

To make yarn pom poms you‘ll need only two things – yarn and good quality scissors. You can experiment with different kind of yarn to see what works for you, but I recommend something soft ant not too thick. As for scissors, be sure to use good quality ones, because cutting is one of the main things in this Yarn Pom Poms tutorial.

There are no rules on how much yarn you should use. If you use more – you‘ll get more dense one, if you use less – you‘ll make a fluffy pom pom. So, whatever works for you. Just experiment with different sizes and it will help you to figure it out.

As for sizes, I showed an example of making pom pom with 3 fingers. Still, you can use this same technique to make smaller (one or two fingers) or bigger (four fingers) ones.

Just a reminder – the piece of yarn that you‘ll use to secure a pom pom should be long enough to tie it on a gift or wherever you‘ll be using it. Have that in mind!


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