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How to fix a laptop keyboard if not working

For most laptop users, the most common situation is laptop keyboard not working, it caused by the malfunction of the keyboard is a lot numbers instead of letters appear when pressing letter button on the keyboard. This case always bothers many new users. The reason for this situation is because

30 Mac Terminal Commands to Access Hidden Features

Everyone loves hidden features. There’s a reason we call them “Easter Eggs“, it’s like receiving a present from your device. Hidden features may seem gimmicky, but, they can be incredibly productive as well.The Terminal application in your Mac is a window to the internal working of the system, and it can allow

How to Set Up Your New Chromecast

Setting Up The Chromecast The setup process hasn’t changed much since the original Chromecast but it’s way more polished now. Unpack your Chromecast, plug it in, and you’re treated to clear step-by-step instructions.If you don’t already have the Chromecast app installed on your smartphone or tablet, now is a great time

How to make Bootable USB Flash Drive

Making any USB Flash Drive bootable is simple but there are still few our  readers who have been asking queries on the same question and mostly to know which tool to be used to make the USB Flash drive bootable. Their most concerns was because of the virus/malware programs it


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