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DIY ideas to make old clothes look new

Full closet and nothing to wear. This is the reality that every women wake up to. It doesn’t matter how many clothes do you have, because this dilemma get’s you either way. It is what it is and after some time we get bored of our clothes. It seems that there is no way to make a new looking outfit, so what do we do? Rush to the stores and spend a lot of money. Well today we’re going to introduce you to another idea. It’s some DIY projects, that will help you to renew your clothes. It will be some simple ideas, that doesn’t need much investment or skills so take a look at what we have to offer.

diyclothes2First way to change the way your clothes look – transform them using embellishments. It can be studs, buttons, glitter or even bows. In the photo above you can see some simple examples. By the way, all these embellishments can be glued on with fabric glue of even better – hot glue gun. This baby will be one of your best friends in making fashion transformations!

diyclothes3Sometimes you can change the way your clothes or outfit look just by using a belt. So if you don’t want any projects and looking for a simple solution – belt it! Skinny belt can be a great way to accentuate your waist and jazz it up. Even a belted sweater can create a really nice outfit, so keep that in mind.

diyclothes4This next thing that we’re going to share is a little bit bigger project but SOOO worth it. It’s elbow patches that you can do yourself! If you have an old jacket or a top, that you know you’re not going to wear anymore – experiment with it. Make some statement elbow patches and your old peas of clothing will have a new face. In the picture above you can see all the things you need and steps to achieve desired results. So, try it for yourself and share results with us!

Use these ideas for your own DIY fashion projects and share the results on Instagram using hashtag #diypotfashion !!!

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